Colloidal Benefits and Choices

Colloidal Benefits and Choices

Plant Derived Minerals Capsules

Friday, September 26th, 2008 11:08am

Plant derved Minerals Plant Derived Minerals Capsules are the most concentrated, purest natural mineral on earth. buy colloidal silver NowThere are two kinds of mineral supplements available today:

    1. Metallic minerals from mined rocks, with added protein or amino acid to help dissolve metallic compound during digestion. This metallic mineral comprises 90% of all mineral supplements, and the body can only absorb up to 8% of the total minerals in the capsule, liquid or tablet.2. Plant derived minerals from plants that have absorbed minerals from rocks and pre-digested the minerals making them more absorbable by the body and bio-available. The plant derived minerals increase absorbability by the body up to 50%! There are no other minerals available that can be as easily and completely absorbed by the human body than plant derived minerals. Plant derived minerals are 100,000 times smaller than metallic minerals and 10,000 times smaller than a red blood cell. This is why plant derived minerals are called colloidal as they can easily pass through the cell wall to be assimilated and used. Plant derived minerals are so small that they can be easily absorbed through the skin.

The earth has more than 100 mineral elements. The human body needs four of the minerals, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen to make up 96% of the body structure. Another 71 or more minerals comprise the remaining 4% of the body. Our foods only supply about 20 of these essential and trace minerals. WHEN THE BODY HAS LESS THAN THE REQUIRED 75 MINERALS, DISEASE, DISORDER (metal and physical), and AILMENTS PREVAIL! Plant derived minerals can supply the entire 75 essential and trace minerals in capsule form to support a well and healthy body.

Plant derived minerals are no longer available in the farming soils of the world. Poor farming practices, leaching and erosion have taken the valuable plant derived minerals from the farm ground permanently. There are only 3 main minerals used on every crop every year on every farm worldwide. The only alternative to gaining the necessary 75 minerals is to supplement our bodies with pure plant derived minerals from the Senonian Age where mineral rich soils grew abundant plants and stored plant derived minerals that were naturally metabolized, chelated and stored in a completely organic vegetate.

Colloidal 75 Minerals in plant derived minerals capsule form are available from N-Ergetics .
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75 Colloidal Minerals in a Capsule

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 10:59am

75 Colloidal Minerals75 colloidal minerals are supposed to be present in every healthy body. buy colloidal silver NowWhen the body is low on these essential 75 colloidal minerals, disease is prevalent. Dr. Linus Pauling, two times Nobel Laureate, said every ailment, disease and disorder could be traced to a deficiency of essential minerals. Almost 99% of the human body is comprised of colloidal minerals, yet the 75 colloidal minerals are over¬looked when supplement nutrition is considered. The human body can assimilate no more than eight percent of trace minerals in the metallic form (mined from the earth). These metallic minerals make up over 95% of all mineral supplements sold in the US today.These trace minerals can be found separately in numerous places around the world. All 75 colloidal minerals can be found in plant derived mineral deposits in Emery, Utah. 75 colloidal minerals were absorbed by plants from metallic minerals sources of the Senonian Age and stored in the plant tissues. Minerals that have been drawn from the earth by plants and then consumed by humans can be absorbed in excess of 6 times that of supplements made of metallic minerals.

Leaching, erosion farming practices and the land fertilization of 3 major minerals has produced foods with little to no trace elements needed for healthy bodies and minds. Our food source is devoid of the 75 colloidal minerals. Mineral replacement in the body is a timely process that may take months depending on your specific deficiency. Therefore your improvements will always be more apparent than the month before.

There are only about 15 colloidal minerals available in the food we eat today of quantities that are sufficient to aid in good health. “…the human body requires a minimum of 60 minerals for optimal health”, according to Dr. Gary Price Todd. These depleted soils cannot grow plants that will draw up 75 colloidal minerals into the plant if the minerals are not present in the soil. “Sick soil causes sick plants, which causes sick animals, and ultimately sick human beings.” Gary Price Todd, M.D.

75 colloidal minerals have been harvested from this prehistoric plant material to release potent essential trace minerals from a vegetable capsule. Restore the essential 75 colloidal minerals to your family today with the only known source of all trace minerals needed for good health. The 75 colloidal minerals represent a monthly use of 2 capsules a day or 1200 mg of the plant derived minerals.

Given mineral nutritional support, the body can heal itself!

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Wednesday, April 04th, 2007 12:27pm

colloidal silver waterColloidal particles are found in colloidal
and are larger than molecules but too small to be observed directly with a microscope; however, their shape and size can be determined by electron colloidal silver NowIn a true solution the particles of dissolved substance are of molecular size and are thus smaller than colloidal particles; in a coarse mixture such as a suspension, the particles are much larger than colloidal particles. Although there are no precise boundaries of size between the particles in mixtures, colloids, or solutions like colloidal gold and colloidal silver, colloidal particles are usually on the order of 10-7 to 10-5 cm in size.

In 1861 Thomas Graham coined the term colloid (which means “glue” in Greek) while studying a certain kind of solutions. His idea of using the term was to emphasize their low rate of diffusion and lack of crystallinity. Graham deduced that the low rate of diffusion implied that the particles were fairly large – at least 1nm in diameter in modern terms. On the other hand, the failure of particle sedimentation implied an upper size limit of 1 micrometer. Depending on the manufacturer, colloidal silver can have large or very small colloidal particles. Graham’s definition of the range of colloidal particle sizes that characterize the colloidal domain is still widely used today.

Today colloidal science is the study of systems involving small particles of one substance suspended in another. Suspensions in liquids form the basis of a wide variety of systems of scientific and technological importance, including paints, ceramics, cosmetics, agricultural, medical, supplemental, sprays, detergents, soils, biological cells, colloidal silver, gold and many food combining recipes.

Almost every technique and theoretical procedure of modern physics and chemistry has been and is being applied to the study of colloids so that even the specialist colloid chemist finds it difficult to keep pace with the many ramifications of the subject. Colloidal silver is one of the most studied of the colloids.

Colloidal silver and true colloidal have fine particles of this system, each carry a negative charge and therefore repel each other. The force of gravity is the force of attraction tending to bring them together. A unique balance of these charges and forces is what keeps the particles suspended uniformly throughout the medium resulting in a stable colloidal system. Much of the chemistry of the human body is colloidal and supported by colloidal systems. Every colloidal system possesses certain electrical and vibrational qualities. This is the critical factor that makes it function in a particular way as it runs through the cells in the body. A colloidal system may consist of one kind of colloid or a combination of solid, liquid or gas colloids dispersed in the medium.

Colloidal minerals are almost always brought into the subject when discussing colloid. There are 75 trace elements of colloidal minerals.

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Colloidal Silver Revealed

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 1:37pm

Colloidal silver, three basic types :

Colloidal silver Low voltage: produced with a glass of distilled water, two solid silver leads and from one or more 9 volt batteries, (usually 32 volts) that produces large silver molecules suspended in the glass of water. This homemade colloidal silver generator is popular with colloidal silver new comers. buy colloidal silver NowThe silver particles are very large and the suspension is ion rich, thus called, an ionic silver. Large particles of silver are very difficult for the body to absorb. The color is almost clear. The reason is the concentration of suspended silver particles rarely exceed 5 PPM. Using a spectrograph one will determine a dim yellow color even though to the naked eye the water looks clear and colorless***. A word of caution for all who use the home version colloidal silver generator, ALWAYS USE distilled water. NEVER add any agent that will speed up electrolysis as this creates a molecule that can be harmful to your health.

Colorless Colloidal Silver***

The color in colloidal silver is produced by light reflecting off of the silver particles in suspension. If you have few particles per million of silver you will see little to no color. As the concentration of silver increases the spectrograph will measure from light yellow to orange then dark amber/brown as concentrations reach 1100 PPM. To make a remark that any colloidal silver is colorless is scientifically incorrect. The Tyndall Effect reveals the reason for color in colloidal silver. Hard solid metal silver that is broken down to a nano- sized (one billionth of a meter) particle is still metal is suspension. When the light strikes the silver particle, the light is scattered, and you see color, in the case of silver light yellow to dark amber as you increase the amount of silver in solution. In the case of colloidal gold, when the light reflects off gold particles the color is light lavender to a ruby red color.

There are some larger Colloidal Silver concentrations of PPM of silver that are clear. If you find ANY colloidal silver over 20 PPM that is clear, BE AWARE that these are VERY large molecules of Colloidal silver and usually are ionic colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver High Voltage: Some Commercial manufacturers use very high voltage electricity to produce low ionic colloidal silver, then “centrifuge the solution to remove most remaining loose ions”, thus calling their solution non-ionic colloidal silver. This method of making colloidal silver has its own genre of followers and results show that this colloidal silver has as good of results as mild silver protein colloidal silver. This method produces a solution that can rarely be over 20 PPM and silver will fall out of solution rendering the solution useless in certain climatic conditions such as cold and age since processing. The idea that all ions are removed making the solution ion free is certainly dubious at best.

Colloidal Silver Mild Protein: The rest of the commercial manufacturers use a mild protein to stabilize very small silver particles in a solution of distilled water.

This is the largest manufacturing process that has been used to manufacture colloidal silver for over 105 years and found in national chain health food stores. The colloidal silver 1100 PPM has remained the standard most used PPM strength for over a century. The largest benefit to mild protein colloidal silver is that the user can consume a greater amount of colloidal silver PPM to combat any issue they want to address safely.

The scientific definition of “colloidal silver”, is a metal suspended in solution. All known processes of colloidal silver meet this criteria of the definition.

Any definition of “true colloidal silver” other than the definitions above are unscientific definitions dreamed up by a retailer to confuse the consumer.

ANY retailer (regardless of any claimed credentials) that would suggest that one of the above colloidal silvers should not be used because their product is better,… are only interested in their bottom line not in the questioner’s health or accurate information.

The bottom line is you want a quality colloidal silver of your choice to have very small particles of silver that can be absorbed into the bloodstream. The next issue to address is what concentration of colloidal silver should you consider. If 30 PPM of colloidal silver was used in a very small Petri dish to destroy bacteria and virus in laboratory trials, then what PPM of colloidal silver should you consider when diluting your choice of colloidal silver with 5 liters of blood?

We sell all of the above colloidal silver processes of colloidal silver except the homemade low voltage colloidal silver with a SATIFACTION GAURANTEE.

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Colloidal Gold, a Trace Mineral Supplement

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007 4:56pm

Colloidal gold is made from 24 carat pure gold. The liquid gold water has a ruby red color when made with high voltage electricity. This method of production produces particles very small nano-particles that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. This method of production yields 10 Parts Per Million gold that is non-ionic, and a trace mineral colloidal silver Now

Colloidal gold was first recorded by Moses in the Bible. Moses commanded the Children of Israel to drink powdered gold spread upon the water, recorded in Exodus 32:20. History records that physicians used gold for alcohol dependants, memory, arthritis, low energy, depression and nervous conditions. The Chinese have hundreds of years of gold therapeutic history. Chinese practitioners still use gold for remedies and cures.

Most information of colloidal metals has been noted concerning colloidal silver. Colloidal gold has a longer history of use in traditional medicine even though silver is more commonly known. We recognize gold for its beautiful use in jewelry and worldwide use as money. Another gold product is evaporated from sea water, Diatomic Gold. Diatomic Gold is sometimes mixed with colloidal gold for a spiritual supplement.

Gold water has been used for over 90 years to replace gold coins cooked in rice to replace gold in the diet and more recently coins of gold placed under the skin to relieve arthritis. A recent book by Dr. A. Brinckmann and Dr. Nilo Cairo titled “Materia Medica” revealed that Colloidal Gold was a success when used against obesity. Colloidal gold studies are being done internationally and with each there are new discoveries for use. There are 75 major trace minerals needed to sustain good health in the body. Gold is one of the 75 trace minerals on this list. When any of these trace minerals, including gold, are absent from the diet, the mind and or body ceases to function normally. Studies show that the lack of gold in the body for long periods of time correlates with disease prevalence.

Colloidal Gold Supplement with 10 PPM and nano-sized particles is considered a non-ionic supplement.

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Colloidal Silver Mild Protein

Saturday, February 10th, 2007 3:16pm

Mild Protein Colloidal Silver is the most used today. It has the longest history of use and is also the most studied of all colloidal silvers. Once a patented medicine before 1938, mild protein colloidal silver became an over-the-counter supplement with the introduction of penicillin. buy colloidal silver NowThe most popular strength of colloidal silver is 1100 PPM. This colloidal silver is being sold in U.S. health food chains and worldwide, with China being the largest consumer.

Mild Protein Colloidal Silver has long been used in the veterinary circles and has its largest use in horses. 1100 PPM is an excellent colloidal silver. Most colloidal silver made by the high voltage process usually can not exceed 20 PPM. Stronger colloidal silver is often needed because after assimilation it is diluted internally with 5 liters of blood. For this reason 1100 PPM colloidal silver has been the choice for almost a century. Mild protein colloidal silver 1100 PPM has a very dark amber color.mild protein colloidal silver, colloidal silver 1100 ppm

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True Colloidal Silver

Saturday, February 10th, 2007 2:48pm

Until recently the term “true colloidal silver” was unheard of. True colloidal silver has now become an industry buzz word to further commercialize (confuse) customers. True colloidal silver is clearly defined by science as “silver particles held in solution”. buy colloidal silver NowNow if we were to clarify all colloidal silver products sold we would say the IDEAL colloidal silver are those colloidal silver products that have nano sized particles. Nanoparticles with the greatest surface area are the easiest to absorb into the bloodstream. This is usally 0.005 microns or less.

Can there be a
mild protein true colloidal silver
? Yes
Can there be a non-ionic true colloidal silver? Yes
Find a company that sells both colloidal silvers…unbiased, what a novel idea!
Is ionic colloidal silver IDEAL? NO

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Non-ionic Colloidal Silver

Saturday, February 10th, 2007 2:45pm

Non-ionic colloidal silver is the metal “silver” that is in suspension but in the size of particle small enough in the atomic level to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Non-ionic colloidal silver is produced using very high electrical voltage. Non-ionic colloidal silver has less than 20% silver ions in solution and has a very light translucent amber-grey color. This is an ideal Colloidal colloidal silver Now

Ionic colloidal silver is water soluble, is clear as water, has an electron removed in low voltage electrolisis, and is highly reactive with other elements which allows to combine to form unwanted compounds in the body. Ionic colloidal silver IS NOT IDEAL for assimilation into the body.

All Colloids will be colored or translucent because of the Tyndall effect, which is light passing through the liquid and becoming scattered by colloid (metal) particles. All colloidal silver has color that can be discern ed by use of the spectrometer. The more silver particles in solution the more light can bounce off of them. The color will vary from a very pale yellow-grey to dark amber-brown with the higher PPM.

non-ionic colloidal silver,ionic colloidal silver

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